In the 40s Cairo is a cosmopolitan city - a multicultural community that retains its old splendor, the gate of the East, while being known as the second Paris.  A luminous, mysterious city that attracts affluent from around the world - greek spirit, artists and distinguished guests. Cairo is a city with a rich social and cultural life.

The Cairo Days

 A city that hosts shows, theaters, concerts and operas from all parts of the world in the famous, beautiful Opera House. There, Karolos, will come in touch with the theater, ballet, classical music and the arts. With the most important actors, the most famous soprano and baritone of Italian Opera. Gets to know and love classical music. His fond composers, Wagner, Mozart and Tchaikovsky. In Cairo Karolos attends a French School. There he learns to speak seven languages. French, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and Greek.  Grows in a wealthy and comfortable environment. But at 14 years of his life overturned - his father loses his entire fortune.

At 14 of years, while living in Cairo, Karolos decides to become a hairdresser, as it passes hours ahead on the storefronts of the barbershops of his city.  Initially working as an assistant - sweeping, mopping. But very quickly becomes a great hairdresser and works in the largest salon of Cairo, which was close to the palace and at night works at the Cairo Opera House, working as a hairdresser, styling the great opera divas.
His most famous clients at the time was the wife of the King of Egypt and the king's brothers.

Going to Paris

When he was 20 years old Karolos decided to travel to Paris to study hairdressing. He had already begun painting and longed to visit all the great museums as he admired the work of famous artists.
"I loved Paris and since '52 I began living there permanently. I worked with Fernand Aubry, the bigger hairdresser at the time, who had established the makeup of the "deer-eye". Fernard  was an avant-garde stylist and next to him I learned to do hair buns for all collections and fashion magazines like Vogue and Officiel. There he invented the banana bun which became the trend of the time. Stayed with him for next 5 years.”

The Carita Sisters

The Carita sisters hailing from Toulouse, this period is the first salon in fashion, because as it is known - two women liberated woman: Coco Chanel and sisters Carita. Coco Chanel with corsets and Carita sisters liberated women from their curls (classic hairstyle) and dared the straight hair and buns.
Maria Carita, the blonde sister is the one with the talent and imagination, but irascible character, while the brunette sister, the more conservative of the two, the boss in the business and the most demanding. The salon Carita sisters then employed 150 staff, of which 30 hairdressers - people standing in awe in the words of the artist. Neither, however, did not change the nice Greek.

Typical is his first meeting with them at their office, at 30 years old, seeking work, appearing in front of them, alone, without papers, without recommendations, without an appointment.
"I knock on the office door, I walk in and hear the famous hairdresser shouting at me:
What audacity you have, so you come on your own, without recommendations ... Who you are? Come on Monday for an audition" And so he went on Monday, without knowing what awaits him ... On Monday morning goes to the hairdresser and ask him '"Remind me your name;" - "Panagiotis Kampelopoulos" answers. "From today you are Karolos - this name would do the job here" they said. Worked all day - Comb, made his best and ask him again to the office and say: "This is your contract - will sign with two terms - would never do compared to client and from here will leave only when die ". And agreed..

In Carita sisters, the talented Karolos, within three months, available more than 8 hours daily, acquires his great name. Introduces a handy new style haircut, the "triangle", where it can remain uncut for six months, and the woman looks neatly cut.
Karolos never stops in making more beautiful the most famous female heads. All these decades is discussed not only in France, Greece and internationally as a hairdresser.


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