Karolos is also inspired worker of stone and terracotta. Witnessing carving the limestone, transferring his soul to the project. As he says, "the success of my sculpture is that I give life to the sculptures. Sculptures are not souless - I feel that, without using blueprints." Heuristic, as a reference to the technique of processing terracotta, manages and creates very thin but highly durable surfaces with an advanced sense in that reference to the form and use of color tones. The works of terracotta acquire their own identity, bringing his own distinct fingerprint.

First stop of his professional pursuits, but also the city that sparked very quickly and artistic concerns. Paris, the place where new ideas are born and art dominates suppliant all modern artistic styles, offer each visitor a unique sensory experience, especially when referring to Charles Kampelopoulo that gifted with sensitive sensors, assimilates these stimuli and the special skills translates with remarkable ease inspiration in sculpture the other aesthetic creation. Initially self-taught subsequently entered in state school of the City of Paris, where he taught voluntarily, before he established his own private school. Through this course tries to satisfy an inner need to express feelings through sculpture. Fond of museums, but also a frequent visitor brought an influence over his exhibits.

The upright or sloping forms of the first period is permeated by the ideal of archaeological art, ie the beauty of the visible body, but freedom from the academic past, exude a leap of classicism on sculptural surfaces. The artist interweaves the purity of the form with the internal volume, and forms a charging mental energy, manages the existence of the visible and the invisible. The harmony of his sculptures is the quintessence of his work, busts, as written, were the credentials for entry into the world of art. Follow the principle of the phenomenological approach yields faithfully the physical characteristics of the persons represented, while venturing a psychogram, seeking their inner beauty. Charles painted busts of several major forms of the 20th century, trying to imprint their form the watchful and restless spirit, their dynamism, their spiritual world. The scale for the options, the personality of heroes, the common feature - their love for freedom and the courage to defend their beliefs until the end.

Karolos is also known as an artist - a pastime that dates back to the time of Cairo. The monotypes of evidence concerns an uninterrupted conversation with the forms of modern art, and an endless appetite for renewal. Illustrate the deep sensitivities and are excellent examples of abstract art, pierced by a metaphysical life.


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